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LOGO World Traffic Exchange Terms of Service and Regulations

1. Introduction
The following rules outline the terms and conditions of using World Traffic Exchange which is located at

2. General considerations
- Registration, participation and use is totally free,except payable elements services.
- Each user may have no more than one account on the site.
- The email address you entered for registration must be current, otherwise the account may be deleted.

3. Types of accounts.
- Every registrant on the site receives a regular account, completely free.
- Each user can voluntarly buy a premium account, allowing access to additional functions of service.

4. Accepting ads.
- Ads may contain all types of advertising, provided that the site remains in compliance with the Terms of Service.
- Does not accept ads:
* Containing pornographic content.
* Including viruses of all kinds.
* Having fascist content.
* Having troublesome elements for traffic.
* Having an iframe that hinders the loading of pages and contains annoying elements for visitors.
* Breaking traffic.
* Inciting to racism and the spread of hatred towards others.
* Containing vulgar content.
* Pages of sects.
* On topics incompatible with law.

- In the service World Traffic Exchange all rates are calculated by WTEC currency.
- Rate of WTEC currency is dynamic and depend of many factors, service income, advertisers, users and combined services, is always visible here and in some pages in service.
- For every viewing of a ads in the traffic, the user gets the earning of which is given from advertiser.
- For a one time display of the ad in the traffic is charged the fee of the amount specified on the ad, set up by advertiser.

6. Purchase WTEC.
- At you can buy with the terms and conditions specified on the website or individually agreed with the administrator or owner.

7. Payment and exchange of funds.
* WTEC earned in program can be used for:
* View the ad added by you
* Exchange for money according to the current exchange rate (the current rate is dependent on the income of the site and is given on the site).
Any transaction fees such as bank commissions or other World Traffic Exchange-free services are borne by the User.
- Payouts are made to the bank account and other depending on the user selection and acceptance of the Site Owner.
-The payments are made according to the income of World Traffic Exchange and are given on the site, the premise of the service is temporary automatic payments and on request.
- In order to receive the payment you must provide the correct data for which the payment is to be made.
The Administration or its owner is not responsible for the consequences of incorrect User submissions.

8. Privacy Policy.
- Each user has access to their data in the program and the ability to correct them.
- User data is stored by the service but not shared with third parties.
- It is not possible to remove an account from the site with one exception, while changing the regulations.
- User have the right to deactivate account at any time, this option is on the page.
Deactivating the account will automatically disable the account from the site options and features.
User have the right to reactivate account at any time through the options on the site.

9. Final provisions.
- The owner reserves the right to unilaterally change the Terms and Conditions at any time and without having to justify the reason.
- Any change to the rules will be announced at least one week in advance.
- The user has the right not to accept the changes made to the rules. In this case, please contact the administrator or owner to delete the account.
- The administrator or owner is not responsible for the content of the pages and advertisements published by users.
- The administrator or owner shall not be liable for any damages resulting from the use of the system, access to the account data to third parties or other unauthorized entities.
- The user registering on the site agrees to receive advertisements electronically on the basis of the law of the day. 18.07.2002 Issue 144 with subsequent amendments.
- The Terms of Use of the Website is to accept and abide by the Rules in its entirety with the changes introduced.
- In the event of violation of the rules by the user, the administrator or owner has the right to deduct the user, delete the page, block access to the account, delete the user account, report the breach law to the appropriate authorities without first notifying the user.

These regulations apply from 18.05.2017.